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Desktop GIS is an immensely powerful computer mapping system. It is a tool for managing information of any kind according to where it is located. For example, businesses can track customer locations or optimize delivery routes.


Web GIS is a type of distributed information system, comprising at least a server and a client, where the server is a GIS server and the client is a web browser, desktop application, or mobile application.


Mobile GIS is an integrated software/hardware framework for the access of geospatial data and services through mobile devices via wired or wireless networks.

Geocoding Services

Geocoding allows you to find and display addresses on a map and see how they relate to surrounding features.

GIS Data Services

Data is a core component of Geographic Information Systems, Different geographic data including Vector, Raster, layers, 3-D maps.

Geo Database

It is the physical store of geographic information, primarily using a database management system or file system. You can access and work with this physical instance of your collection of datasets either through ArcGIS or through a database management system using Structured Query Language (SQL).

Mobile Based

Create mobile friendly surveys that are easy to read and respond to using most mobile devices.

Custom Widget

Custom widget allows to add custom functionality to ArcGIS Web App Builder.


Recognition and Appreciation